Hiring A Dental Consultant

Hiring a Dental Consultant

For years, the term “consultant” has sent dentists running for the hills. In all honestly I prefer the term “coach”, but I believe in them 100%. Running a dental practice is no easy feat, and many of you are learning as you go. Some of my customers are challenged with implementing the right systems into their practice. Others need help with how to manage their practice in a PPO Environment. Almost all of my customers need help with internal and external marketing initiatives. As your dental supply partner, I add value in ways that will help you run a better practice, such as helping you hire the right consultant for your business

Hiring a consultant will force you into becoming accountable for what is realistically happening in your practice. After running a series of reports, we will be able to determine areas of opportunity that are currently being missed. This could pertain to your fees, your scheduling, your team, and many other factors.

After we gather information based on statistical facts of your practice, we can then formulate an action plan. While the excitement may be bursting through the seam initially, this excitement tends to fade because people get too “busy” to successfully follow through.

This is where accountability comes into play. Your consultant will help you develop a plan, with specific action items that will lead to measurable results. Some consultants will be more hands on in your office while others can successfully mentor your remotely.

As part of Henry Schein’s Business Solutions, we have selectively chosen an amazing team of consultants to partner with.

1. Hygiene Diamonds-Windy Briggs, RDH

This program is proven to double your Hygiene Production in less than 90 days. Wendy and her team focus on the three roles of a hygienist: Preventative Therapist, Periodontal Therapist and Patient Treatment Advocate. If we are truly maximizing preventive therapy in hygiene, a nice thing happens to productivity: it goes up drastically. Wendy is coming to Raleigh on Friday, August 4th 2017 to teach a CE course for our customers. If hygiene is an area you would like to improve, email me for event information.

2. Jameson Management

Jameson’s mission is to help dentists and teams become more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled in their practicing lives. With their team of management, clinical and marketing advisors, you can move quickly from tactically thinking in the short term, reacting to events, having random hope that things will be better- to being proactive and strategically thinking about long term results you want for your practice. They will help you be intentional about getting there and experiencing freedom and fulfillment in your dental career.

3. Million Dollar PPO

Dr. Krieger is the CEO and a practicing dentist. He operates a full time solo practice and although he is a consultant, his knowledge and experience comes from practical application. What he teaches, he uses in his practice. For most practices, the initial goal that is established is to increase hourly revenue by $100. A typical practice has 1,500 clinical hours per doctor. This increase equates to $150,000 (at approximately 20% overhead in most cases). Last year, their average client increased by $160 per hour resulting in a $240,398 increase per doctor. Everyone in the practice will experience less stress, more fun, more predictability and security.

4. Straine Consulting

Did they teach you in dental school how to operate your dental practice based on a business system that is implemented by people? At Straine, they believe that your practice should be systems dependent, not people dependent. No matter how extraordinary the people are in your practice, for your practice to produce predictable and consistent outcomes, the systems must do the work, and the people must operate the systems. The heart of the Straine mythologies is truly about leadership. With the right systems in place, you can work every day in your practice with confidence – built on a foundation of predictable outcomes – because the system is running your practice.

All of the above mentioned partners will offer you a complimentary one hour coaching session. If you would like to take advantage of this awesome offer, please email me at kate.shanahan@henryschein.com


Kate Shanahan

Raleigh, NC


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