PPO Solutions from Unitas

PPO Management is no easy task for most dentists. Many dental practices suffer terribly from low PPO reimbursements. Unitas was created by the father of a dentist, and they specialize in fee negation and optimization. They also assist you in the tedious credentialing process.

If you participate with 4 or more PPOs you would be an ideal candidate for their PPO Management services.



If you are considering adding PPOs to your practice, Unitas has an evaluation process that is focused on fee-for-service practices. This in depth discovery process will help you make an educated decision on whether to enroll with PPOS, or not.

If adding PPOs to your practice is not the best solution, we can help you with marketing initiatives through our Business Solutions partners such as Dental Branding or Doctors Internet.

As a practice start up specialist, I try and add value in areas other than dental supplies. The Practice Start service that Unitas provides, offers assistance to dentists who are starting a new practice, or purchasing an existing practice. Their team of experts will guide you through the process of planning your PPO participation, fee negotiation and submitting all of the necessary applications.


To schedule a consultation to see if they can help you run a more profitable business, please visit Unitas at www.unitaspposolutions.com.


Kate Shanahan

Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant

Raleigh, NC

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