Owning Multiple Dental Practices

Looking to Own Multiple Practice Locations?

Introducing the Dental Business Institute by Henry Schein Dental.

As your trusted resource for dental supplies, I am also able to help you achieve your goals of owning multiple practices. Owning multiple practice locations is becoming a realistic trend in dentistry. So let’s say you have your vision, but how do you get there? Owning one practice can be challenging enough, and that whole dynamic changes when you add additional team members in additional locations.

I spend a great deal of time in my car driving to see customers. Unfortunately, I often have to grab lunch on the go and Subway is a quick and healthy solution for me. No matter where in the United States I am grabbing Subway for lunch, the setup is exactly the same. The number of turkey slices I get on my wrap is exactly the same. My sandwich is wrapped in one napkin every time. The location of the Splenda packets and drink lids are exactly the same. Get the point? They have the system and flow of their restaurant mastered which leads to a predictable, efficient and pleasant customer experience every visit. Can you say the same about your dental practices?

Without the skills to run a more efficient practice, it will become increasingly difficult to compete in the coming years of shrinking margins and increased competition. The Henry Schein Dental Business Institute provides the business training and executive leadership skills needed to grow your practice for multiple offices. Maybe you have had challenges such as reduced reimbursements, competition from group and corporate practices, and laws that require practitioners to think differently about how they work with their employees.

The Henry Schein Dental Business Institute is a year-long educational program divided into four three-day sessions.

  • Session 1: Vision, Mission, Goals, Planning
  • Session 2: Infrastructure, Finance, Human Capital, Building
  • Session 3: Compliance, Performance Management, Culture, Leading
  • Session 4: System creation and review, Lean Process models

Dental Business Institute Graduates


The Henry Schein Dental Business Institute was created to support and guide dentists through a successful entrepreneurial exploration of their business and its potential. Whether you explore a different structure, or multiple locations, practitioners can test ideas in a risk-free environment. Attendees first identify their desired outcome, then design a business model that helps achieve that outcome. The model is tested through a simulation to see how different decisions impact financial statements and attainment of goals.

  • Dentists who have up to four offices or partners
  • Dentists who want to expand the size of their enterprise
  • Dentists who want to enhance their management skills

To register or for additional questions, please email me at kate.shanahan@henryschein.com


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