Tips for Evaluating Disability Income Protection

As a Field Sales Consultant with Henry Schein, I take responsibility for the success of my dental customers and their long term success. Disability Insurance is a huge part of one’s dental career, but I understand the process can be overwhelming. Over the past several years, Jeff Arsenault with Venture Insurance Group has been a […]

50 Shades of Grey (Market)

If you read any of the 50 Shades books, I am sure this title got your attention. So now that I have it, I want to respectfully educate you on Grey Market dental supplies, and why you should avoid it. So what is “Grey Market” anyway? The term gray market generally refers to products that are […]

Understanding Your 401(k)

I love my partners. I love my partners because they have a commitment to helping our mutual customers. A commitment that goes far beyond selling dental supplies. Throughout the last nine years at Schein, I have cultivated many relationships with other dental professionals who love dentists just as much as I do. I recently connected […]

Superpowers of your Dental Supply Rep

The dental industry is changing, and with it, so are the roles and responsibilities of the traditional sales representative. Sales reps can be a tremendous resource due to the amount of CE courses they are required to attend and the variety of clinical environments they encounter every day. They dedicate their efforts toward educating you, […]

Hiring A Dental Consultant

Hiring a Dental Consultant For years, the term “consultant” has sent dentists running for the hills. In all honestly I prefer the term “coach”, but I believe in them 100%. Running a dental practice is no easy feat, and many of you are learning as you go. Some of my customers are challenged with implementing […]

Owning Multiple Dental Practices

Looking to Own Multiple Practice Locations? Introducing the Dental Business Institute by Henry Schein Dental. As your trusted resource for dental supplies, I am also able to help you achieve your goals of owning multiple practices. Owning multiple practice locations is becoming a realistic trend in dentistry. So let’s say you have your vision, but […]

PPO Solutions from Unitas

PPO Management is no easy task for most dentists. Many dental practices suffer terribly from low PPO reimbursements. Unitas was created by the father of a dentist, and they specialize in fee negation and optimization. They also assist you in the tedious credentialing process. If you participate with 4 or more PPOs you would be […]

How Running a Marathon is Similar to the Dental Sales Cycle

On April 1st, I completed my 10th half marathon. After completing my goal of running a full marathon back in 2009, I declared that running 26.2 miles one time, was one time too many for me. Every time I race, I run “for someone”, and I write the person or the cause below my bib […]